Need some inspiration?  Let me share mine. Here are some fun things I’ve been seeing on the web lately.

These are from artist Zhou Fan.  Love the colors and movement in these.

Amazing photos of varnish being dropped into a fishbowl.  Again, I’m really into movement right now.  The details are great.  Other works from the artist can be found here.

This was done by a print artist for a special edition cup and saucer.  Apparently these are sold out, but the other artists have a few left in stock.  A great art site Click for Art is selling.

This is an illustration by Andy Smith for Square Meal magazine about the tendency to over elaborate the descriptive language used on menus in fancy restaurants.  Found it on Flickr.

This is amazing paper artist Charles Clary.  I think I want to do whole post about this guy because I love his stuff so much.

There you have it; my current inspiration.  I think I must be needing bright colors to balance out the gray sky here.  Sun is out today though, and spring is on the horizon!

I should get the grade back on this lovely piece tomorrow.  So we will see if I can follow directions properly.  This was essentially a project on positive/negative and ambiguous shapes.

First I sketched out some ideas in a 4 inch square and chose the best one.  Using this sketch as a template I cut out all of the shapes x2, thus making two positive and two negative sets.  Then using the shapes I had cut out, I mounted them on to an 8 inch square, out according to the positive and negatives in my sketch.  The trick was to create a captivating “super motif” with your positive and negative shapes.  Bet you can’t guess what color paper I cut the shapes out of and which color I mounted them on!  Projects such as this always remind me that I am not good with an exacto knife.  However…I didn’t do too poorly.  Enjoy.

the sketch

layout decision, not glued down quite yet

all done

final piece covered and ready to be turned in

So there is another one of my recent projects.

I filled up a Uhaul* and suckered in Tosh and Craig to drive up here and help me move in. After almost all the boxes had been broken down, recycled or stacked up I cleaned up the floor and took some photos. Now, of course, the house is slightly more messy and the floor is covered in paper bits, folders and all sorts of art supplies. Here are the photos from before the mess…

My notebook is HUGE.

Kitchen area.

Looking out from the kitchen.

Nice desk!

The bed.

A little boring so far, but I am going to fix that in time.  So now you know what my tiny studio looks like.  Visitors are welcome.

This guy found out that visitors were welcome and surprised the crap out of me.  Well done, Jerry.

*Tosh, Jerry, Craig, Matt Murphy, John, Mark, Jami, Elyce and Mariel all helped to get this done and I thank each and everyone of them.

So I have the first homework assignment in my Visual Thinking class. I think its basically a drawing class for people who won’t really have to draw in their jobs. Me. Anyhow, this assignment was on shape and you were to pick three objects, set them up together and draw them as closely as possible without shading or anything fancy like that.

Step 1: Set Up The Stuff

Step 2: Start Drawing

Step 3: Erase A Lot and Finish

So I don’t have amazing skillz yet… Also, I only have my phone to take pictures with, I promise I am a better photographer usually.

So I have been watching a lot of movies lately.  Mostly due to lack of outside of the house entertainment funds.  Here is my opinion on the movies I have seen so far.

The Blind Side: Ok, so I have always liked Sandra Bullock even if she has been slightly typecast in her past roles, this absolutely could be called her break out role.  A great movie with a great message that wasn’t too sappy or exploitative.  All the actors did a great job. Love the little brother, well done.  The kid who plays Michael Oher was exactly what I wanted in that character.  You don’t necessarily feel sorry for him, but you do feel like he deserves a chance and that is exactly what he received.  Bullock embodied the in your face, but I will back off if you want me to, mom.  I only wonder if she is given the opportunity to play another outstanding character, will she be able to perform as well as she did here.

Julie & Julia: Pretty good, funny and of course, just like everyone says, Meryl stole the show.  Although she didn’t have much to steal from.  I usually really like Amy Adams, but I have to say in this movie she either was terrible or she did a really great job of playing the character.  I don’t know.  Amy’s character Julie really rubbed me the wrong way.  To quote from Away We Go, she seemed like a “cuntsucker”.  Never heard that one?  Yeah, me neither.  Anyhow, it fits.

Where The Wild Things Are: This one really left me somewhat – well – I don’t know.  It had me scratching my head for a way to describe how I felt about the entire thing.  Maybe I didn’t get it.  Beautiful visually for sure.

The Hurt Locker: Probably the best movie I watched out of this little list.  I didn’t think I could hold my breath for so long without noticing.  Intense scenes that inspired emotions in me without directly stealing them from the characters, and I like that.  The characters were amazing and very well acted, the direction was also really well done.  I think if I had watched this one on the big screen the cinematography would have been either really really awesome, or just too much for me.  I’m sensitive ok.

Away We Go: I totally used this one as my chaser movie to The Hurt Locker.  A thoughtful movie with some funny quips, but overall definitely not a masterpiece.  John Krasinski…hmm well, maybe he just didn’t do it for me in this.  Although, I can’t really think of someone who would have fit into the role better.  Maya Rudolpf, love her.  She absolutely needs to be in more films.  I think she could play some versatile roles if they let her.

(500) Days of Summer: Joseph Gordon Levitt could take me home anytime, let me just begin with that.  I watched this with SanjA and Tosh and I think that was a good combo of people to watch with.  The funny parts were really funny and the romantic parts were really romantic and the sad or oh my god I feel so sorry for that boy parts were exactly that.  My expectations for this movie were totally fulfilled.

The Hangover: Funny.  I guess there isn’t more to say, it did what it was supposed to.

And here was tonight’s dinner:
Proof that Trader Joe’s All Purpose Baking Mix can be used to make a roux.  And still taste decent.

I am giving this a shot.  Not sure if I can keep up with it, but I would like to use this as a way to share my projects.  Good projects, bad projects, any projects really.  Get ready for some really terrible drawings at first.  I’m learning, so it may get better.  We’ll see.  Also some graphic projects and some other general art projects.  Anything else I want to share will be here too.  That’s it.